Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I listen to metal."

I read an interview last year with Andy Maddox from The Saddest Landscape (a cool hardcore band you should checkout) where he was asked (by Rock Sound Magazine) how he describes his music to family members, not particularly up on the DIY punk music scene.  His somewhat hilarious response was:

“Very awkwardly, usually trying to avoid the question. When pressed, though, usually it is along the lines of ‘We play loud, screamy punk rock, that sounds rather bi-polar with its quiet melodic parts bursting into aggressively loud ones.’ This is of course followed by the person I am speaking to trying to seem into it, usually referencing some ‘heavy’ band they like (I have gotten the ‘Oh, like Metallica mixed with Green Day?’ thing a few times, at which point I try to change the topic instantly).” 

Read Full Interview Here:

I am sure most of us who share tastes in the more interesting/underground sub-genres of music can relate to these awkward conversations/situations.  For fear of being seen as an elitist or taking the necessary amount of time required to sufficiently describe the music we like, most of us do what Andy Maddox does. We change the subject.  Of course, if our attempts to change the topic fail, we (or at least I) give at most a broad generalization--that does nothing to actually describe--what we are actually into.  So immediately after I tell them I listen to metal, I presume (and accept) they (incorrectly) associate me with whatever they consider metal (Metallica, Slipknot, or god forbid AC/DC) and lump me in with the average eczema riddled hesher sporting a fresh pair of New Balance 409s and a Back in Black souvenir t-shirt. Of course most of us into "metal" or "punk" or whatever share nothing in common with the stereotype, but are willing to accept it in lieu of that uncomfortable conversation.

Although I say I listen to metal when asked, the reality is that much of what I am into these days would not be considered metal at all (though much of it is). I'm sure that goes for many of us.  All that I'm getting at is most of the music covered in this here Blog might have a tendency toward the heavy/fast/dark, but won't in any way be limited to it.

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